Are you 21st Century Ready

3 Step HR provides a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.

We offer cutting edge HR training workshops with the aim of building effective HR capability and developing inspiring leadership within  organizations.

All workshops can be customized and  tailored  to meet your specific needs, culture and  organizational strategy, whilst also  ensuring  our programs engage, inspire and motivate your employees to achieve their potential . 

People & Performance Solutions

Even with techology the hardest activities to automate are those that involve managing and developing people.

The future of work is human!

Leaders of the future  will need exceptional judgment to empathize with employees  and will need to master new Leadership Competencies.

It is equally important that organizations have the culture, structure and management processes to cultivate these leaders.

Let 3 Step HR help you  improve your workplace culture, employee engagement, team performance and employee experience by providing you with practical tools, and advice to maxmise the contribution of your team so you create an environment where employees and teams excel.

Workshops & Programs

Leading Strategic HR Transformation

Leading HR Transformation Training Program, Digital HR

  • Understand the key enablers of successful HR Transformation, including the role of technology
  • Understand why keeping HR in the background is a business problem
  • Learn how to redesign HR Processes that are linked to Business Strategy

Building a Learning Culture

Building a Learning Culture Benefits, Continuous improvements

  • Learn how to Identify the skills needed to take your organization's objectives forward
  • Analyze the gap between your organization's current skill resources and future skills needed
  • Learn the key concepts of continuous improvement cultures, and HR’s critical role in leadership development

21st Century Leadership Skills for Managers and Team Leaders

21st Century Leadership Skills for Managers and Team Leaders,

  • Whether you are a senior executive, entrepreneur or graduate you need to move forward in your life or move your team forward.
  • The 21st century leadership mindset is not tied to title or position – and it is yours – to learn and to master!

Professional Human Resources Business Partner

Strategic Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness

  • A new vision for HR and its role in business partnering
  • Learn how HR can achieve success through powerful people strategies that support the business 

Managing Employee Performance & Behaviour to achieve high performance

Managing Employee Performance & Behavior to achieve high performance

  • This program explores the complex areas of human behaviour and performance, and how to manage both good and poor behavior .
  • How to develop a high performing team and a high performance culture.

The Power of Women- Leading like a Woman in the 21st Century


  • People need people that motivate, inspire & develop them! Leaders that Lead!
  • This leadership development workshop explores the skills women have- feminine leadership traits  and how well  suited they are to the   fast- changing, hyper- competitive and increasingly complex world we live in today! 

Dealing with Poor Performance, Absenteesim and Stress Workshop


  • Learn to recognize the impact of failing to address non performing employees
  • How to conduct a successful Appraisal meeting
  • Recognize the major factors affecting employee engagement 
  • Learn the signs of stress and how it affects work performance and absenteeism

Living your Core Values Workshops


  • Learn what differs good and bad company values
  • What company Values mean to you
  • Deciding which values to choose
  • Implementing and Living your core values