"Rather than measure  leaders' capabilities against standard metrics, enable them to understand their strengths and development areas in their own contexts" 

Performance and Engagement

  • Do your employees  understand where their job fits into your organization ?
  • Are your employees clear on their job accountabilities ?
  • How well do your managers assign tasks ?
  • Do your managers and team leaders provide employees with on-going feedback?
  • Do your managers have the skills to manage employees that are underperforming?
  • Does your organisation have a clear and transparent procedure in place for managing poor performance?
  • Is there a clear process and procedure for managing performance and employee developement?
  • Does your your organization have a talent management strategy in place to ensure it has a talent pipeline of future leaders? people & performance consulting work place culture

Employee Engagement and Culture

  • Is your induction or onboarding program best practise?
  • Are your HR Policies Transparent and clearly communicated?
  • Are your employees "Living your company's Core Values"?
  • Do your Team Leaders and Managers provide on-going regular feedback to employees?
  • Are your managers engaged ?
  • Is your workplace toxic?
  • How would you describe the leadership style of your organization? 
  • Is  your culture inclusive of remote workers