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We offer a range of online virtual HR Consulting, Coaching and Employee Assistance Programs to support managers and their teams remain engaged, accountable,  productive and resilient whilst working from home or remotely.


COVID-19 and Your Mental Health

'It's ok to not be ok'

We are all experiencing varying levels of anxiety at the moment within ourselves and/or have noticed this in others in response to COVID-19. 

This is very normal. We are all in this together and maintaining a calm, sensible and healthy concern whilst getting on with our lives is what we can do.  Knowing what you can change, and control is where your power lies to positively adapt to new and challenging situations.  Having said this, self-isolation or being confined to your home can be boring and frustrating to say the least and can affect your mood. 

You are living in a way that doesn’t fit in with what is normal for you and so you may feel trapped, discontent or unhappy. 

If you are working from home you may be naturally concerned about your job security and subsequently this uncertainty can further impact your mental health and wellbeing. This is particularly critical if you are not feeling adequately supported by your employer i.e. a lack of regular and clear communication about work and/or not checking in with you to ask how you are coping at home. This lack of support and other legitimate worries such as health concerns for yourself and your loved ones along with financial anxiety and uncertainty can compromise your capacity to cope.  We know that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the worse matters appear. 

When stress, anxiety, depression or another mental health challenge prevents you from living how you want, it’s time to reach out for help.   Individual counselling sessions aim to aid commitment to change, help you feel more in control, resilient and provide you with an improved set of tools to help you cope better with life’s unexpected challenges

Online Coaching for Managers@ 3 Step HR Virtual

Online Coaching for Managers

Managers and supervisors will need to adopt different approaches and develop new competencies to ensure their teams thrive, remain productive and engaged  whilst  working from home or remotely.

Online Coaching- Need a Coach to support you to remain resilient, engaged and motivated during challenging times

Online Coaching for Individuals

Need a Coach to support you to remain resilient, engaged and motivated to work during challenging times and whilst working from home or remotely 


Virtual Global Employee Assistance Program

Research has shown that 1 in 6 employees will experience depression, anxiety, or problems relating to stress at any one time (Mental Health First Aid England 2020). 

The effectiveness of EAP counselling is well known with many employers enjoying a positive investment return for their spend per employee.  For employees this means they are able to access a counselling service designed to empower them towards better self-management of symptoms and improved work and life performance. 

Our Virtual Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is delivered by trained specialists via video conferencing and comprises of a confidential, short term, solution focused counselling and/or advisory service for employees and/or their families with work or personal issues.

Our EAP is a unique employee benefit that serves to identify and help employees resolve problems in their lives that may be contributing to their work performance.

We also work in a consultative role with managers and supervisors to help them address employee and organisational challenges and needs.

Employers that purchase EAP services are increasingly regarded as Employers of choice that fully recognise the benefits of offering health and wellbeing services for their people, as it can reduce employee stress, increase employee engagement and boost company morale and productivity.