We have the following on line tools to assist you manage your business more effectively

 On Line Performance Appraisals

A world class web enabled, fully customisable performance and development planning tool.  The PDP tool will help your organisation track, monitor and encourage regular performance management conversations, prioritise employees learning and development needs, manage your organizations succession and talent management programs, and help retain your key staff.

Staff Engagement Survey- our Smart Survey 

Our Smart Survey is an online tool designed to assist you align your business culture with strategy, evaluate the climate of your organisation, increase  staff engagement and improve overall job satisfaction. 

Our Smart Survey also analyses ten criteria also known as Employee Value Proposition ( EVP) that determine whether employee would choose your business in preference to other employment options.

The ten criteria commonly used are: work life balance, co-worker quality, career and development opportunities, training opportunities, remuneration and benefits, ethical business practices, respected management, organizational sustainability, recognition and effective communication.

Staff Engagement Survey Brochure

360 Feedback Tool

The most reliable and comprehensive way of assessing leadership skills and potential, and assessing behaviours are consistent with your companies core values. 

Our 360 Feedback Solution allows for an unlimited number of raters, turns a sample into a census, and provides the participant with evidence of their signature strengths and development needs. 

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