3 Step HR has a number of services we can assist you with including general and strategic HR advice.

HR Policies and Procedures

We can review your current policies and procedures and help you implement new ones.

HR Audit- HR Excellence

We can conduct an onsite  HR audit, based on best practice and HR excellence.

Peformance Management

Performance Reviews

Best Practice Perfromance Management Systems

Performance guidance for managers

Competency Development

Probationary reviews

Assistance with grievance/behavioural/performance issue

Exit Interviews -why not outsource yours?

Losing good staff is problematic for all businesses, so it is important to gather, analyze and act on information that may prevent future employee turnover.

By using 3 Step HR as an independent service provider, employees who are leaving your business will be more open and forthright about their reasons for leaving and their experiences during their tenure, in terms of work conditions, health and safety standards, the quality of the organizational culture, and communications, the quality of management, and the level of support provided for their skill development .

We manage the survey administration, analysis and reporting, eliminating the hassle factor for you and provide you with year on year internal benchmarks on the number of exists and their reasons.

We can tailor forms and templates to suit your business needs. Examples include: 

Exit Forms 

New Starter Forms 

Contract Templates

Employee Engagement

Best Practice Employee Engagement Strategies


Certified Human Resources Manager Program®

Superworking® Program

Performance Management Training

Performance Coaching 

Interview Coaching

Work Life Balance Workshops

Core Values 


Executive search

3 Step HR Search and Selection aspires to find exceptional performers for our clients. email us at info@3stephr.com