• Does your business have an Organizational Design that integrates people, structures, processes and systems?

  • Do your line managers understand the 3 tools of leadership behaviour, systems and symbols?

  • Have you tried to implement organizational change, or look for efficiency improvements only to find nothing changes? Consider using tools that define roles and responsibilites as part of rolling out your change process.

  • Many organizational change processes neglect that people are the key, and without behavioural change there can be no improvement.

  • Does your business have a strategic HR Framework aligned to the business objectives, including culture, vision, mission and values?

  • Do you have best practice Human Resource policies implemented and adhered to?

  • Are your employees really engaged with your organisation, and living the core values of the organization?

  • Are your managers adequate role models of your organizational values?

  • Do your core values need reinvigorating with behaviour support programs?

    Do your employees know what it "happening" in the organization?

  • Do you have best practice rewards and incentives schemes as part of your retention policy?

  • Is your orientation or on boarding process best practice?

Our expertise is in:

  • Systems Leadership – creating positive organisations by working with organizations to develop a framework that integrates people, structures, process and systems,
  • Developing comprehensive Human Resources Policies aligned to your corporate objectives and aligned to your organizational culture,
  • Assisting you develop Employee Engagement strategies that increase employee engagement.Refer Major Factors affecting Employee Engagement-3 Step HR.pdf
  • Expertise using the McKinsey 7 S Model- strategy,shared values,systems,structure,style,staff and skills.
  • Assisting you as a third party service provider by providing outsourced Human Resources services
  • Faciliating the use of the powerful RACI Model to assist in the role out of a new change process and to ensure roles and responsibilites are defined.
  • Training your line managers on managing underperforming employees
  • Training your line managers conducting investigations and managing employee grievances.
  • Developing best practice onboarding programs,
  • Providing consulting advice to employers on how to keep the best women on their teams.

We also provide the following online solutions:

Employee Engagement- Smart Survey Tool
The Smart Survey is an online tool designed to assist you align your business culture with strategy, evaluate the climate of your organization, increase  staff engagement and improve overall job satisfaction.

The Smart Survey also analyses ten criteria also known as Employee Value Proposition ( EVP) that determine whether employee would choose your business in preference to other employment options.

The ten criteria commonly used are: work life balance, co-worker quality, career and development opportunities, training opportunities, remuneration and benefits, ethical business practices, respected management, organizational sustainability, recognition and effective communication.

Exit Survey
Losing good staff is problematic for all businesses, so it is important to gather, analyze and act on information that may prevent future employee turnover.

By using 3 Step HR as an independent service provider, employees who are leaving your business will be more open and forthright about their reasons for leaving and their experiences during their tenure, in terms of work conditions, health and safety standards, the quality of the organizational culture, and communications, the quality of management, and the level of support provided for their skill development .

We manage the survey administration, analysis and reporting, eliminating the hassle factor for you and provide you with year on year internal benchmarks on the number of exists and their reasons.

For more information email us at info@3stephr.com or call us on +971 4311 6642