Employee Engagement

"Today more than ever before, it is essential that Leadership maximises alignment, capabilities and engagement"

- Paul Schultz-COO, Jack in the Box, Inc.

  • Does your business have an Organizational Design that integrates people, structures, processes and systems?

  • Have you tried to implement organizational change, or look for efficiency improvements only to find nothing changes? 

  • Do you have best practice/best fit  Human Resource policies implemented ? Are they well communicated?

  • Are your employees really engaged with your organisation, and living the core values of the organization? Do you have Core Values in your business?

  • Are your managers adequate role models of your organizational values?

  • Is your orientation or on boarding process best practice?

    How does your business score  in terms of : work life balance, co-worker quality, career and development opportunities, training opportunities, remuneration and benefits, ethical business practices, respected management, organizational sustainability, recognition and effective communication.